Go-To Outfit of The Month! (August)

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Hey! Hey! Hey! I got you all my most-worn-outfit-of-the-month! I've probably worn this more than 3 times and I'm not ashamed! Yes, I do repeat clothes or outfits. It's not a crime! But, I'll give a little tip, don't wear the same outfit with the same group of people and wear it at least 10 days apart. Anyway, This outfit is just a simple, quick and easy Go-To Outfit! I only wear this on a normal day when I do not have so much things to do. Like for example; eating at Mcdonalds, doing some grocery or just simply going to a friends' house. 

I'd usually fold the top to show off my abs. HAHAHA just kidding. I wish I had abs! but seriously, I fold it to show a little skin. I didn't do it on this post simply because I just had Lunch when these photos were taken, and as you can see, I look bloated like a pig.  Sometimes, I wear this outfit with a Leather Chunky Boots or Dr. Marten boots, specially when it's raining. 

I usually fold my top like this ⬆

Top - Bozzolo
Leggings - Calzedonia
Sneaker - H&M
Flannel - H&M
Bag - Céline
Thanks for visiting my blog! Hugs and Kisses! xx

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