White Lie

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I know.. I know... Why the hell am I wearing white? hahaha well, all I can say is.. people change! Deal with it. HAHA I'm just kidding ;) I don't know what got into me and I started liking white. I thought I was going "black" all day everyday for the rest of my messy life, until one day, I had a dream, and in that dream I was a white Unicorn slash Pegasus, a Pegacorn! (invented the word) flying gracefully through a pink cotton candy cloud.. and.. and.. Lol I'm just f***ing with you guys haha and PS I don't do weed. Anyway!! I kind of heard the woman in me say "My dear Ayra, you should start wearing whites. It's time to be a woman now." and so I thought, why the hell not? So yeah. That was the day I threw away all black outfits I own. Lol no way!!! There was no reason, actually. I kinda just started liking white. When I wear white, I feel like such a lady, not saying I don't feel like a lady when I wear black, but, white is just more ladylike, it makes people think that you are gentle or graceful or even clean. The downside for a clumsy hyper girl like me is, you'll get stains on you if you're not careful enough. But yeah. Still like white. UGH too much talking. blablablahhh. 

(model ng basura hahaha)

Dress - Apartment8 
Shoes - Valentino    

Thank you for dropping by! Love, Ayra ♡

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